Waking Sophia

Dreamy shoegaze band from rainy Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2023.


Fruit on the Tree single cover art

Second single 'Fruit on the Tree' - Available now:

When Things Become single cover art

Our debut single 'When Things Become' - Listen now:


- Duncan Calver / Guitar, Vox
- Earl Watts / Bass
- Adam Bayer / Drums
- Matthew Flook / Synth
- Terry Barefield / Guitar
Waking Sophia is a Portland, OR, based shoegaze/dream pop band who explores esoteric ideas about creation, destiny, love, life, and death, all quilted into a blanket of haunting and soothing sounds.Principal songwriter and mixing engineer Duncan Calver (The Pink Snowflakes, Unicorn Domination, Honey’s Dead, Thomas Mudrick with Boingg) leads the band with his Brian Wilson-esque vocals and shimmering, reverb-drenched guitar tones reminiscent of Slowdive and Cocteau Twins. These sonic textures are complemented by the likewise dreamy guitar tones of Terry Barefield (We Miss the Earth, The Sleepover Disaster) and ethereal synthesizer work of Matthew Flook (Pinscape, Monsieur Soeur). The post-punk bass lines by Earl Watts (Unicorn Domination, Bull Mountain, James Angell) and carefully curated and dynamic drum lines by Adam Bayer (The Mooney Suzuki, Low Twelve) ground the others’ cloud-like layers to create a comprehensive impression of sky and earth.


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